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 Freeze Jump For Call Of Duty 4 [xbox 360]

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Freeze Jump For Call Of Duty 4 [xbox 360] Empty
PostSubject: Freeze Jump For Call Of Duty 4 [xbox 360]   Freeze Jump For Call Of Duty 4 [xbox 360] Icon_minitimeTue Jun 22, 2010 4:26 pm

Me doing a freeze jump with the help of slip7xnot and big clayton for you that dont know this and the ones that are new to the game.
What i am doing when the error message coems up i am hitting the back button on the xbox 360 controller and that causes me to freeze.
what you need to do is set up a game old school free for all double health and health regenration to fast and have someone knife you about 15-20 times.
when you are done hit the back button and you will bee launched in the air like it did to me.
hope this tutorial help. rep me if it did.

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Freeze Jump For Call Of Duty 4 [xbox 360]
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