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 jump with animations

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jump with animations Empty
PostSubject: jump with animations   jump with animations Icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 12:59 pm

#Jump with animations
;L+Dpad down = Climb
;L+R = Dance's
;Square = Jump
0x00000098 0x0A2006FF
0x00001BFC 0x3C0908D0
0x00001C00 0x3C0A09A8
0x00001C04 0x854AE1E4
0x00001C08 0x24198000
0x00001C0C 0x24180300
0x00001C10 0x240F0140
0x00001C14 0x11EA0014
0x00001C1C 0x130A000B
0x00001C24 0x172A0013
0x00001C2C 0x8D2A5858
0x00001C30 0xC54F001C
0x00001C34 0x3C0B3F80
0x00001C38 0x448B8000
0x00001C3C 0x46107BC0
0x00001C40 0xE54F001C
0x00001C44 0x0A20071D
0x00001C4C 0x8D2A5858
0x00001C50 0x240B0018
0x00001C54 0x240C0008
0x00001C58 0xAD4B0630
0x00001C5C 0xAD4C0634
0x00001C60 0x0A20071D
0x00001C68 0x8D2A5858
0x00001C6C 0x240D0017
0x00001C70 0xAD4D0630
0x00001C74 0x03E00008
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jump with animations
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