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 music prxx /tut

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PostSubject: music prxx /tut   Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:12 pm

Here is for the people who didn't know how to install this.
First download this:
Then extract with WinRAR. Open 055_beta_music_prx and copy all the contents inside the seplugins folder. Put your PSP into USB Mode and open your seplugins on the root of your memory stick and paste the files in there. Next, Turn your PSP completley off and turn back on holding the right trigger. Now scroll down to CPU Speed and put both settings to 333/333 and press back and scroll down to plugins and enable music.prx [game] and music.prx [vsh]. Now start up your UMD And test it out.
Select+Square: View Music
Select+L: Play Song
Select+Right D-pad: Skip Song
Select+Left: Go Back a Song
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music prxx /tut
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